Elect Elizabeth “Liz” Brown for Charles County Board of Education

Experience – Dedication – Commitment

My Vision for Charles County Public Schools

I believe my over 30 years of experience as an educator will take us to better days as a new Charles County Board of Education member.

Students motivated to learn, exceptional teachers and engaged parents are key components to success. In Charles County, we are fortunate to have such, and combined with dedicated school administrators and staff, our collective success in education ranks us among the best in the state.

However, we all are confronted with 21st Century challenges, including school discipline policies, enforcement, and mounting special education needs, as well as a growing number of students facing economic and social disadvantages. There is also the concern among parents and educators about student readiness, over-testing and classroom overcrowding.

Those challenges, in some ways, are now taking a back seat to the necessity to address mounting concerns about school safety. Our children deserve to come to school and return home safe every single school day, from pre-K days through high school graduation. I will admit that, even with my decades as an educator and pupil personnel worker, I realize there are difficult days ahead as we tackle this school safety issue on many fronts.

As a newly elected Charles County Board of Education member, with grandchildren in Charles County Public Schools, I will bring stakeholders of school safety together, most importantly parents, school administrators, law enforcement and the best experts available. School safety will be one of my highest priorities.

Additionally, we must attract — and retain — effective and experienced teachers as well as support personnel who can meet these challenges and inspire students to achieve their goals. Also, Charles County Public Schools’ policies should be in the best interest of everyone involved in helping young minds navigate toward maturity. I will work toward that goal.

Most importantly this includes parents, who need to be welcomed and supported by our school community so that they have the tools to help their children learn and grow. Parental outreach is critical to our schools success; if parents aren’t part of the conversation, they can’t be part of the solution, and I will make that collaboration a part of my design for the future.


Elizabeth Brown


Retired Educator and Pupil Personnel Worker